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Art or Business? You need both.

Art or Business? You need both.

Amazon asked me (and a couple of other successful self-published authors) to speak on a panel at the London Book Fair this year. It was a fun event; there was a large crowd in the room to hear us give our opinions on indie publishing, and then we were swamped on the KDP booth afterwards as writers came up to ask us questions.

Facebook: To Boost or Not To Boost?

You’ll have seen it pretty much every time you create a post in Facebook: that little button that invites you to ‘Boost Post’.  Because of its positioning it’s become the default option for many of us who want to better target our post. But you know what? It’s not that effective.

Think carefully about the variety of marketing characteristics your target audience is made up of and then take a look at the targeting options for boosting posts to them. You’ll find that the options are really rather limited: basic choices regarding gender, age etc. and then a measly selection of between 4 and 10 interests. I suspect this is why people struggle to succeed with advertising on Facebook. A lack of results and that empty wallet feeling make for a lot of disillusionment.

But I’ve found a far more effective way  of marketing my books to the Facebook community and that’s by using Page Post Ads and the glorious Power Editor. This offers up a far more comprehensive set of choices to enable you to super fine tune your ads to ensure they’re seen in the right places and by the right audience. Options on offer include calibration of elements such as interests (but way more than 10!), behaviours, placement, categories and a whole lot more.  

But that’s not all.  You can also plant cheeky conversion tracking pixels to make it easy to figure which of your ads are leading to conversions as well as create custom ‘unpublished’ page post ads. These will allow you to share messages with your targeted audience through your channel without using the News Feed distribution or Timeline route.

So do all the extra bells and whistles of Page Post Ads and the muscle of the Power Editor actually translate into something profitable? In my own experience that was what happened: after monitoring my campaign very closely, I came out with a ROI of  a staggering 150% and up. (Although please tread carefully with ads - they are not guaranteed to work, and they need a LOT of calibration and monitoring to ensure that they are operating as expected).

There’s an opportunity here for all authors to accelerate their sales with a bit of careful thought and management of their campaign. I’m more than happy to share my insights on the subject with a series of three videos that I’ve put together: feel free to sign up - just hit the button below - and I’ll make sure they get shipped to your inbox. We can do this!