The Facebook for Authors course has helped me...by showing me where and how I can invest my money to get even better results than by going with a book advertising site (which may or may not work even if you do run an ad with them). Mark has done a cracking job with the Facebook for Authors course; I feel like I'm finally going somewhere! And at $50 a month, it's practically a steal for the value you get!



The only way I could think of to promote my books was to give them away. By the end of last year, I'd given away about 250,000 of them. Giving away 35,000 to 50,000 books every month is not a viable ongoing marketing strategy. Then I stumbled upon Mark Dawson. I have only one book ad running now on Facebook, but it's averaging 36 sales a day, and the rising tide has moved total sales to 55 a day. That's waaaaay more sales than I was making handing out books on internet street corners. The paid class material is blowing my mind. Itching to find time to complete the course.