When I finished the free course, I finally felt as if I had chance at marketing that worked. I immediately loaded ads. They’ve had solid, positive ROIs from the beginning – solid enough that the day the full course became available, I’d already netted more than enough to pay for it. The information I’ve taken away so far is invaluable, and I haven’t started Module 4 yet. Seeing the movement I’ve generated over the last six weeks feels like a miracle. I started at zero visibility on Amazon. Now I have new fans messaging me asking if I’ll be continuing my contemporary romance series. Fans who, if I hadn’t started advertising, would never have found me. All I can say is thank you, Mark. Thank you very, very much.
A great video training on FB advertising in connection with self publishing. Mark’s explanations are clear, to-the-point but also extensive. No scams or tricks : strategies, tips (even the famous ninja tips).
I took a general course for Facebook advertising, and although it was useful enough to show me the power of it - my sales increased - it was also frustrating because most of the course wasn’t relevant to selling books. This course, by contrast, is completely on target and every lesson in every module is useful to me as an author. I can now see how to use FB ads to not only drive immediate sales but to build a huge fan base to ensure a steady income from future sales. This is just what I needed right now. Actually, I needed it a while ago, I’m just glad I found it at last!