Mark's new Facebook Ads for Authors is full of useful tips and advice that have not disappointed. Getting the ad copy and target audience right is still time consuming work, but the course eliminates the trial and error of how to set them up, gives you best practices that shaved weeks or more off the process for me. Instead of re-inventing the wheel, Mark's course gave me the blueprints to a high performance racing tire. I've learned how to create the right ads and place them in the right places. He even showed me how to create target audiences that don't show my ad to people who are already on my mailing list so I don't waste money marketing to readers I can reach on my own. 

And best of all I can see the results because Mark's course taught me how to track the results. There is nothing like this that I've seen before, and I'm really glad I signed up.


I've been doing Facebook advertising for almost two years, but Mark Dawson's video on upping mailing lists sign-ups with FB ads is great, and this comprehensive course just reinforces that and so much more. have helped me refine my approach and better learn and understand Power Editor. I've improved my click ratio and have done more effective ads. I'm picking up more from Mark's course even if some of it is review for me from his first set of videos. I haven't got to Module 4, but I can't wait to view that section and learn even more. 

I wholeheartedly believe in Mark's approach-- a solid mailing list is a winner and a positive ROI with Facebook ads is possible.


katherine owen