I am currently working through Mark’s Facebook course and although I still have one module to complete, the tried and extensively tested content delivered thus far has been invaluable.The fact that it has been created by a writer, for writers, makes all the difference. I have purchased other Facebook Ad courses, from big names like Amy Porterfield, but Mark’s course is far superior and access to items such as his monitoring spreadsheet and swipe copy make it so easy to apply the knowledge and tips he provides. Thank you, Mark, for your generosity in sharing the behind-the-scenes details that have contributed to your success.
brooke sivendra
barbara hinske
Mark Dawson’s thoughtfully created and perfectly produced SelfPublishing Formula course has been the single best investment I’ve made in marketing my novels. I’ve invested a lot in marketing, including in Facebook marketing, and have taken other training courses. Dawson’s is by far the most comprehensive, pragmatic, and easy to understand. I’ve been applying some of his techniques for the last 3 weeks and have seen ROI in the 50-300% range. I’m modifying my ads as I move through the course and feel confident that I’ll be able to apply his techniques and achieve all of my lofty sales goals (without relying on BookBub).
At last — a Facebook ads program strictly for authors! Sure, there are a lot of FB ad coaches, but how many know the ins and outs of publishing in our brave new e-world? Mark Dawson does, and he shares his extensive knowledge and expertise in his FB ads course that every author who’s serious about their career should take. His common sense, straightforward attitude, and depth is pretty much unmatched. I thought I knew a lot before his course, now I know how much I didn’t know. I’m delighted to finally have some direction — and even though it will undoubtedly change as the market does, this one is worth it.
— LIBBY FISCHER HELLMAN / Author of 12 Compulsively Readable Thrillers
Libby Fischer Hellmann