Facebook Advertising for Authors is the ONLY social media advertising course that is specifically crafted for WRITERS.

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This EASY SYSTEM distils months of work and thousands of dollars of learning and experimentation to deliver a straightforward guide to put you on the fast track to writing success.

I'm Mark Dawson,  an Amazon, Apple, Kobo and Barnes & Noble best-selling author, as featured in Forbes, The Financial Times and on the BBC, and I take all the guesswork out of getting started with Facebook advertising, creating a list-building and sales-generating plan for your writing business.

The system can be set up in minutes with a budget of less than $10 a day. And then it will run in the background, working hard on your behalf to get your books into the hands of readers and push you up the sales charts. Sit back and let it gather new readers, build your sales rank and add to your bottom line. It will give you the time to concentrate on your writing, secure in the knowledge that your career is being developed, and ready to market the next book when it's ready.