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Facebook Advertising for Authors!

I'm so happy to welcome you into our exclusive advertising enclave. You're going to learn a lot, and I'm very confident that you'll be able to deploy the lessons to give your writing career a massive boost.

I’m very proud of the course and I can’t wait for you to get started. Some suggestions first, though. I would recommend that you watch the course in its entirety, take careful notes, and then start small when you are ready to begin experimenting with ads. Remember always to set realistic advertising budgets that you can afford. Your first tests will likely be unsuccessful - mine were - but you can run them with budgets of £5-$10 a day. Don’t go crazy!

This page contains useful information and you may want to keep it close to hand while you are using the course.

Useful Information

1. Log-In

The course can be found at If you misplace your log-in, you can reset your password on the log-in page. Just look for the ‘Forgot password?’ link. Any problems, email us at

2. Twitter Module

This is now available. To access this module, please follow these steps:

  1. On the ‘Class Curriculum’ page, you will notice a small arrow pointing to the left in the top left corner; click on this. You are now on the ‘courses’ page.
  2. Click on ‘My Courses’ in the top right and you will see the Twitter Ads course alongside the Facebook Ads.
  3. Simply click on the Twitter course icon
  4. You will be taken to the Twitter Ads course curriculum page. 

You can go back to the Facebook Ads Course in exactly the same way.

3. Transcriptions

These can be downloaded from individual session pages within the course.

4. Downloadable Content

All course videos can be enabled for downloading and viewing offline. This option will be activated on July 15th 2016.


These will be made available to all students of the course from July 15th 2016

All bonuses will be open to you for as long as you remain a student on the course although please note that some are time-limited. A summary of what's on offer is below. Specific details on how to secure the individual bonuses and discounted pricing, (where appropriate), will be emailed to you on July 15th 2016.


This is one bonus that you can take advantage of now!

If you are not already in the original secret Self Publishing Formula Facebook group, please drop us a line at and we’ll do the necessary.

You are now eligible to join our second closed sub-group - MASTERY - specifically for students of this course. Again, please let us know at if you’d like in on that as well. It is proving an extremely useful resource.


We have negotiated a valuable discount with the wonderfully talented Stuart Bache, who designs my own book covers. Stuart is offering a package which includes a big discount on custom and pre-made book designs. All you'll need to do is pick a cover, provide your title and author name and Stuart and his team will do the rest. They never use the same design twice - once bought, that's it. There will be a special 20% discount to course students with a charge of $119 instead of the usual $149.


We're thrilled to be able to offer a full 50% discount on a year's membership, (regardless of membership level or payment plan), of this hugely popular service.


You're growing your mailing list with ads. Now engage with those readers and sell more books. Freshly updated for 2016, The Author's Email Handbook ($49 value) provides dozens of ideas of what to say to fiction readers in-between book releases. 


When you download your Handbook, you'll also get a no-risk subscription to Fiction Insiders Club ($99 value), the private email strategy newsletter geared to the unique needs of fiction authors.


This an immensely powerful link re-direct service that allows you to send readers to the correct Amazon website for their country with a single link as well as provide useful metrics on customer behaviour. Developed and created by a successful indie author who also happens to be an SPF student, this will prove a boon to many of you who sell - or intend to sell - internationally.


I had requests for the autoresponder I send out to recruit people to my advance team. If I ever do another course (and if you hear me suggest it, please remind me how much work this one entailed), it’ll be on launching books, and the Launch Team is the critical component in the system that I developed. You can (and should) be building your own right now, especially if you are using FB ads to build your main list.


We’re really pleased to be able to point our students in the direction of a Wordpress designer who can create a site based closely on my own Joomla design (which was itself the subject of a LOT of testing - I know it converts at a high level). Each template is designed to work with a Mailchimp account and all will be offered up with an aggressive discount. I just need to make it clear that the team behind this offering is not affiliated to the SPF in any way, and neither am I receiving anything in return for making this offer available. I haven't tested it, either, and so I can't offer any assurances on that basis, although several students from the first two launches in 2015 have used it and all were very happy. There is great value in having this taken care of, especially if you - like me - are not great when it comes to HTML and all that. My involvement was to persuade them to reduce the price for each purchasing option which has resulted in the following: Silver $129 (normally $259), Gold $249 (normally $499) and Platinum $399 (normally $799).


This time round we're also able to provide a premium offering for the ‘authorpreneurs’ out there who require something more advanced from the team that put together our very own new SPF website earlier this year. That site contains a lot of bells and whistles - all of which are put to good use. So this will be a unique opportunity to have a custom author site with key service integrations developed and built according to your own specific requirements by an expert team - but with a hefty discount. We're still working out the specifics of this offering but full details and pricing will be revealed prior to July 15th 2016.



So, once again, thanks for your purchase. I was asked the other day where I ranked Facebook advertising amid the options available to us as indie authors. My answer, and I’ll stick to it, was that it is number one. It’s not easy, you need to be careful with your budgets, but, provided you are prepared to learn and work hard, it can be done. By taking this course you’ve put yourself right at the front of the queue, because there aren’t many indies (or even traditional publishers) doing this yet.

And that is exciting.

Best of luck, and I’m here if you need me.

Best wishes

Salisbury, UK